One of the best ways we keep it simple with our software is in providing you with the ability to use it while out in the field. You no longer have to wait to get back to the office before you take care of your business. Using our lawn care business software out in the world is easy.

Our lawn care business management software can be installed on any laptop or tablet. If your computer runs the Microsoft Windows operating system, it will work with our lawn care software out in the field. The main hardware requirement is the computer’s screen size. It has to be big enough to provide visibility for our software’s screens.

There are so many different types of portable computers available today. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to test our software on them all. So, the best way to know for sure is to install the free trial on your portable computer and see if it works.

Transferring Data

Load your data back and forth between any two computers. This could be an office/home computer and a laptop to use lawn care software out in the field. To do this, you will use our program’s Backup and Restore features.

First, our lawn care software must be installed, registered, and activated on both computers. There is no additional cost to install our software on multiple computers. Once active, use the Backup procedure in the software to copy data from one device to a flash drive. Run the Restore function to copy the data from the flash drive to the new device.

Keep in mind that the Restore feature does a full replacement of the current data with the imported data. The computers are not networked to share the same data, so a copy of the data is being loaded in every time.

If you’re careful, the Backup and Restore features enable your data to be portable between computers. You may also email the backup file created by our software to another computer location where it may be restored.

Using Remote Desktop Software

An alternative is to use remote desktop software through an internet connection. There would be no need to use the Backup & Restore features at all. But a possible slow internet connection with remote access. Ultimately, you can use our lawn care software out in the field without much hassle.

Internet-Based Software Option

Ask us about our cloud/web-based version of our products. They work on any device that can open a web browser, even Apple devices! Call for more information.