Now You Can Run Your Lawn Care Business Virtually Anywhere

Access your lawn industry software in the cloud on your Laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android. It’s best viewed on 5.5″ screen or larger.

Simple to Get Started

This industry software will help you stop struggling to find a new way to keep your system organized. Simplify your life with all the information you need to optimally run your business with our system. Start estimating smart today with a free trial! If you don’t like it, there’s no obligation to continue using our system.

Easy to Use

Our lawn industry software uses a system of easy to understand pictures and instructions so you’ll be making your estimates, contracts, and invoices in no time! With all that time you save no worrying about creating contracts you will have more time to focus on the needs of your clients. Make their lawn look the best it has in years.

Access The Cloud

Now that business software is accessible from The Cloud, the convenience of using it has become even simpler. Therefore, you can access your business information anywhere. Your data is also securely stored and backed up automatically.


Our monthly subscription is only $45.oo plus a one-time setup fee of $100. Nothing to lose and so much to gain from this lawn industry software, especially now that it’s accessible in the Cloud.


Cloud computing technology allows tablets and other mobile devices to access date from a distance. A lawn industry software in the cloud is a great way to unify your team and keep everyone in the loop 24/7. Stay up-to-date on important documents and transactions including estimates, scheduling, billing, routing, and more.

Disaster Recovery

One of the major concerns for large and small businesses is data loss due to security or hardware issues. By storing your data in the cloud, your chances of secure, available data dramatically increases. This is true for laptop or PC damage. Our lawn industry software in the cloud provides quick data recovery for a wide variety of emergencies including natural disasters and power outages.

Month to Month – No Contracts – Cancel at Any Time

Simply load your GroundsKeeper Pro data into the Cloud Server. Wizmo and Adkad Technicians are here to help. Call us today to sign up at (518) 875-1133.