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Lawn Care Logo Design

What has the biggest impact when advertising a business? The logo design!

lawn care logo design

Your logo is the first thing people see. It sets up the character behind your business. Professionalism, friendliness, even humor can be picked up in lawn care logo design.

Your Lawn Care Logo Design Has Style

Whether your logo design is Classic, Vintage, Modern, Handcrafted, Fun or Quirky, you want to keep it simple! Mind your target audience. What do you want their first impression of your brand's personality to be? Do you have your design ready? Take a look at our stock designs.

Fitting Your Logo Design to Scale

Don’t worry about image types or dimensions! We’ll get the logo image you upload to fit exactly into the right specifications required by our software.


Choosing Color

Pay attention to color! Color can have psychological meaning that communicates mood in a subconscious way.

  • Red-exciting
  • Orange-energetic
  • Yellow-friendly
  • Green-natural
  • Blue-mature
  • Purple-luxurious
  • Brown-masculine
  • White-clean
  • Grey-serious

Font Choice in Your Lawn Care Logo Design

Your font should compliment the logo design and overall style.

Serif fonts, like Times New Roman, give the text an old fashioned mood. This works nicely with vintage, elegant, or classic design styles. Sans Serif fonts work well for clean, modern styles to convey sleek sophistication. Script fonts are elegant and more individualistic and relaxed.

You can design a logo font by combining elements of different font types to make your logo unique.


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GroundsKeeper Pro Lawn Care Software - lawn care service app

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