ERROR: A Mail Server subscription must be ordered through the software on a computer that has an internet connection. To order, open the software and Click on the Email Configuration Button located in the Company Maintenance screen. Then click the [Purchase or Renew Subscription] button.

Email Server Subscription


The Adkad Mail Server will ensure that all Emails sent from our software will be delivered reliably and consistently. Most all free email servers no longer allow sending emails from a bulk emailing engine such that our software uses. When you purchase our Mail Server Subscription you get unlimited use for the number of years purchased. You can add additional years at any time without losing any time from a previous purchase. Subscription requires GroundsKeeper Pro v9.1.2 or greater.

Volume discounts for our Mail Server subscription is based on the number of years purchased. Purchased subscriptions are Non-refundable.

FromToPrice Per Year
10or more$79.00